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A Salesforce cloud services consultancy, Genus One helps companies identify unseen opportunities for growth through innovative technology.

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Our team of experts uses Salesforce and Marketing Cloud capabilities to build internal support, address problems, and develop practical solutions. We enable our customers to lead the ongoing work of integrating digital technologies into all areas of their business. 

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Our team of Salesforce experts have helped customers increase their revenue and improve their business models. We believe in our ability to configure Salesforce so that it aligns with your business growth. Let us help you align on a vision, push the boundaries of your technology and unlock areas of unseen opportunity.


Reach the next level of innovation with Spinor. Our cutting-edge recommendation engine lets you determine the best ways to engage and cross-sell to each individual customer in real-time. Spinor is one of the innovative engines through which we build world-class skills and capabilities.

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Unlock the Power of Words with our Sentiment Measurement Projects

Our AI-powered voice processing technology analyzes customers voice interactions to gain insights on behavior and sentiment. This allows us to improve customer service and satisfaction by identifying patterns and addressing any issues.

Why Genus One?

Genus One is a spinoff of Britenet in Nordics and has been working in the IT industry since 2000. We help global companies that are always in motion and have big goals to go from vision to execution.

Improved customer experience

Meet your customers’ individual needs by understanding and responding to their unique behavior in real-time.

Reduced friction

We work methodically and meticulously, documenting all new processes so that you can continue to scale future solutions without friction.

Increased efficiency

Take your automation to the next level and gain the edge necessary to outperform your competition through increased productivity, accountability, and creativity.

Data-Based insights

Our advanced systems will allow you to continuously collect and analyze data about your prospects that you can turn into actionable, revenue-generating insights.

Better collaboration

Our systems promote better communication and alignment between your sales and marketing teams so they can engage both leads and existing customers more efficiently.

Increased agility

With our fully customizable solution, your company can better anticipate challenges and build solutions that help you remain viable for years to come.

Our dedicated team will go the extra mile to help your business grow

We work with our customers the way we work with our colleagues. To partner with us is to develop and implement a custom plan specifically designed to help you reach your unique business goals. If you commit to following this plan, we expect that within one year of beginning your transition, not only will you be happier and more productive, your annualized revenue will also grow.

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Customizable solutions built to support your business goals

Spinor allows businesses to customize AI models to work best for their needs. 

Improved customer experience

Delight your customers with personalized product recommendations that keep them engaged throughout the buyer’s journey.

Better alignment between sales and marketing

Spinor’s AI system automates workflows and sequences for marketing and sales teams to take action and engage both leads and existing customers more efficiently.

Taking marketing automation to the next level

No more batch and blast email campaigns. Spinor’s AI system automatically sends personalized campaigns on the right channel, at the right time, to each individual prospect.

Never stops learning about your customers

Our AI continuously gathers personalized data and learns about your prospects, creating a unified profile by bringing together data-points from every interaction.

Relevant and timely recommendations

Spinor’s AI automatically tracks every recommendation that goes to your customers, so you can learn what products are more interesting to your prospects and why in real-time.

Better cross-sell opportunities

Know when customers are active in real-time and have Spinor’s AI pull recommendations directly from your product or content catalog to incorporate into cross-channel campaigns.

Your strategic business partner in growth

We take a holistic, data-driven approach to learn from every click, tap and swipe to help our customer’s reach the next level of innovation.

Business and IT strategy review & design

You will achieve transformative outcomes through a combination of process excellence, technology and people, while ensuring a balance of speed-to-market and scalability.

Salesforce Implementations

We work together to create a flexible business operating system with a governance model that fits your unique needs, powered by your needs, Salesforce platform, integrated systems and our expertise.

Marketing excellence for B2B and B2C

With cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and AI, we deliver deeper insights into your customer behaviour, real time lead scoring, personalised marketing messages and high conversion rates.

Salesforce platform maintenance

With your peace of mind we support you in a variety of flexible working models, customised to your organisation’s size and needs, saving you time, money, and the hassle of constantly hiring and training in-house teams.

Project recovery and continuation

With our expertise in managing complex projects we recover your challenges such as poor scope definition, inadequate technology, lacking resources, and unformal issue management, results in an excellent project performance.

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Improve your Sales Team experience

Empower your Sales Team with 720° Customer Insights coming from behavioural customer tracking profile supported by AI.

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Partner with us for a successful digital transformation journey with a tailored approach for maximum impact through the power of people and technology.

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