Boost your revenue with
an AI-powered recommendation engine

Drive customer value through a rich and relevant multichannel experience powered by AI predictions. Spinor recommendation engine lets you determine the best ways to engage and cross-sell to each individual customer in real-time.

A Salesforce Native AI recommendation engine

Spinor is a Salesforce native app, built entirely within Salesforce. The personalised, feature-based AI recommendation engine in Spinor integrates seamlessly with your CRM, allowing you to embrace a unified 720° customer experience. Enhance your customers value with Spinor.

Be agile and integrate data like never before

By combining individual customer behavior data and product information Spinor recommendations system discovers performance-boosting opportunities, helping sales and marketing maximize the impact of their efforts.

Understand context with self-optimized campaigns

Spinor’s advanced algorithm tracks how differing product recommendations perform over time and uses this data to automatically improve. This results in each individual customer being engaged in a way they are most likely to respond, every time.

Determine relevance through AI

Spinor’s AI gathers insights about your customers and prospects behaviors in relation to your product portfolio, and learns what products are more relevant to your prospects. Based on this data you can start to determine what interests your target group the most and bring these insights into your business and product development. 


Spinor collects comprehensive first party customer data and enriches your existing Salesforce data CRM, enabling you to keep accuracy and control of your data.

Customer buying intent data

Spinor collects comprehensive first party customer data and enriches your existing Salesforce data CRM, enabling you to discover buying intent and keep accuracy and control of your data.

Behavioral lead scoring

Our AI scores both prospects and customers on behavior and customer-product fit based on their interest profiles and product information. 

Recommendations powered by AI

Our recommendation engine generates product recommendations based on customer behavioral profile, providing customers with relevant offers through their entire buyer’s journey.

Unique customer journeys

Spinor automatically creates deeply personalized, multi-faceted and self-optimizing journeys that are unique to each customer’s interest profile.

Real-time adaptations

Through real-time data analytics, Spinor adapts recommendations and customer journeys. That way, we make sure that you provide the most relevant recommendations every time.

Customer and prospect behavior insights

Spinor collects insights about prospects and customers’ interest in your various products. This can support you in making better decisions throughout your entire business. 

How it works

Behavioral data collection

Spinor collects and enriches first party customer behavioral data and stores it in your customer and marketing database.

Lead scoring

Based on prospect behavioral profile and customer-product fit, the system scores your prospects to understand what kind of customer profile the prospect has.  

Automatic journey selection

Our recommendation engine provides the most suitable personalized communication to your prospects according to their behavioral interest profile.

AI powered lead and customer qualification

Our AI system automatically qualifies leads and lets your sales reps know when it is the right time to reach out to the prospect and initiate the sales process.


Improved customer experience

Delight your customers with personalized product recommendations that keep them engaged throughout the buyer’s journey.

Better marketing/sales alignment

Spinor’s AI system automates workflows and processes for marketing and sales teams to take action and engage both leads and existing customers more efficiently.

Next level marketing automation

No more batch and blast email campaigns. Spinor’s AI system automatically sends personalized communications on the right channel, at the right time, to each individual prospect.

Never stops learning about your customers

Our AI continuously gathers personalized data and learns about your prospects, creating a unified profile by bringing together data-points from every interaction.

Relevant and timely recommendations

Spinor’s AI automatically tracks every recommendation that goes to your customers, so you can learn what products are more interesting to your prospects and why in real-time.

Better cross-sell opportunities

Know when customers are active in real-time and have Spinor’s AI pull recommendations directly from your product or content catalog to incorporate into cross-channel communication.

What customers have to say

Helping Company increase 5-15% revenue

Personalized nurturing and sales targeted campaigns for buyers and products, that react for customer behaviour, at the right time, allow to respond to their interest. Personalization leaders have found proven ways to drive 5-15% increases in revenue and 10-30% more efficiency in marketing spending.

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Data protection

Spinor is native, therefore it runs within your instance of Salesforce and data is never processed by 3rd party servers. Your customer behavior profiles are secured through Salesforce’s state-of-the-art security solution. 


We customize Spinor to your specific needs and scope to make sure it helps you reach your business goals. Book an introduction call with us and let’s discuss how we can implement Spinor to fit your individual requirements. 

Closing the deal


Spinor recommendation engine is advanced solution powered by AI, that is used for predicting in real time individual and personalised product needs of your potential buyers based on their real online behaviour. The solution is natively build on Salesforce technology stack (Salesforce platform, Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud). Spinor AI is collecting data in real time about buyers needs and matches best product individually for every customer in form of recommendations. The recommendations are provided for the Sales in Salesforce UI and for the buyers in emails and on the website.

Yes. Spinor AI is always individually configured for every customer. Finding best AI model is one of the tasks we approach during the project and the model is carefully individually designed for the business goal and the underlying data structures. After the product is launched live, we offer support and maintenance to ensure continuous improvement.

Most of the customer digital journeys starts with the collecting of the basic customer data like email. From the moment the email is in the Spinor database, the tracking data is collected and processed in real-time. For anonymous visitors, that the emails is not known, the data is collected and in the first possible moment when the email is recognised, the anonymously collected data is matched with the buyers behavioural interest profile.

Yes. As Spinor AI is feature based personalised recommendation system, the information about every single product characteristics is crucial for designing correct AI model. All customers behaviours are automatically matched by AI model to predict what products and in what level will satisfy buyers needs. From the sales operation side, Spinor is measuring for every product which buyer is interested and what is the buyer’s engagement level in the product.

Customer tracking is realised by enhancing standard cookie model. We collect and process first party data about your customers using our proprietary cookie solution with behavioural data matching.

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