How Genus One designed a global Salesforce deployment plan


There are many paths to growth for organizations, especially those spanning continents. Through strategic investments, capturing market opportunities, and expanding into new markets and geographies, they can grow organically. Often, companies seeking growth in new and exciting markets will invest in companies that complement their existing capabilities or gain products, IP, and technology that will enable them to scale.

This story is told by our CEO and Innovation Architect, Marcin Tabedzki.

The challenge: Deploying a project in 12-months 

Our customer is a pioneering technology leader with a comprehensive offering for digital industries. The company ran a transformation of its customer engagement and digitized solutions strategy in areas of strategic sales, operational sales and integrated business planning across all business units in 100+ countries. They planned for the project to be deployed in rollout steps for every employee over 12 months. This period included functional updates to the system during the rollout.

The solution

When I joined the project, we started defining the business and technical architecture of the target solution. We were running workshops for stakeholders all over the globe to understand their current technical landscape in functional and technical areas of CRM and ERP. After we confirmed the requirements and prioritized the next steps, we designed the global deployment plan.

We customized the following major areas in Salesforce to deliver one global CRM template: Account and Contact Management, Lead generation, Opportunity Management, Channel Management, Customer Support, Quotation Management, Suppliers and Products portfolio, Apttus CPQ, Pricing Management, Invoicing. The CRM system was integrated with hundreds of local country systems. We structured the deployment in 5 major waves. 

Pipes in factory

The 3 steps we took to achieve our customer’s implementation and maintenance needs


  1. Reduced the costs of maintaining many local CRMs.
  2. Integrated all purchases and suppliers into one place that improved ability to track global profitability of products and customers
  3. Provided an easy to use frontend integrated with back-end to navigate their customers’ needs.

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The Result

Our customer had a successful deployment of the Salesforce ai platform. With our ongoing management, Salesforce automated process, and consultant support, our customer continues being able to increase system functionality and decrease reliance on partner resources. The flexibility that our model provides ensures they have the agility and flexibility to ramp up or down as project demands dictate.

Genus One helps companies transform their business processes and technologies so you can grow internationally

We’ve guided hundreds of companies worldwide through complex Salesforce transformations, resulting in slashed production times, decreased costs, and increased revenue growth. Like you, we care about the outcome, and about your long-term success.

If you’re ready to transform your business processes and grow internationally, book a consultancy call with us. Our team of global Salesforce professionals will assess your needs and together we can decide on a best way forward. 

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