How to correctly implement Salesforce
in Educational Institutions


As a Salesforce consulting firm with extensive experience in the education industry, we understand the unique challenges that educational institutions face. Our team of certified Salesforce professionals has helped numerous clients in the education sector to optimize their operations and improve their student outcomes using Salesforce’s suite of powerful products.

Education management faces various challenges that require innovative solutions to keep up with the constantly evolving demands of modern society. One of the main issues is the need to migrate from legacy systems to more modern solutions that can meet the demands of current students and clients. Another challenge is the need to provide effective tools for managing financial flows, student recruitment, and teacher training. Additionally, the rise of online education has created a need for efficient case management systems that can handle the unique challenges of virtual classrooms. These issues require the development of integrated, scalable, and secure systems that can handle the complex data management and workflow processes required for modern education management. Salesforce’s Education Data Architecture (EDA) provides a tailored solution that enables institutions to effectively manage this data and streamline operations.

A Brief Background on Our Customers


Some of our customers (TEB Education, TEB Adacademy and EF Education First) are educational institutions and training centers that are seeking to improve their data management and streamline their operations. We have helped these organizations by migrating their old applications to Salesforce and developing tailored solutions for their specific needs, such as tracking financial flows, managing student data, and handling recruitment and payments. We also provide ongoing support and maintenance for these systems, as well as integration with external systems to ensure seamless data transfer.

How Salesforce can help Educational Institutions manage relationships, marketing efforts, and fundraising


There is also another common problem that educational institutions face is managing relationships with students and their families. Salesforce’s CRM system provides a comprehensive platform for managing and maintaining these relationships, which is essential for effective communication and engagement. In addition, Salesforce’s marketing automation platform, Pardot, can help educational institutions improve their marketing efforts and increase enrollment. Pardot allows schools to engage with prospective students and their families through targeted, personalized communications, and track the success of their marketing campaigns.

Salesforce also offers a range of tools to help educational institutions manage their fundraising efforts. With Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack, institutions can easily track donations, manage donor relationships, and automate communications.

Transforming Education Management with Salesforce


At our company, we have successfully implemented Salesforce solutions for a variety of educational institutions, helping them overcome a range of challenges and improve their operations. Our team of experts is highly experienced in using Salesforce products to solve problems, and we have a proven track record of success.

If you are struggling with data management, student engagement, enrollment, fundraising, or any other aspect of education management, our team can help. We offer a range of Salesforce implementation services and can customize a solution to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Solutions Context


First challenge involved the migration from an old Java application to a Salesforce-based solution. The main goal was to develop a system for tracking financial flows related to the receivables of listeners (students/TEB customers). The module was to serve as a source of truth for financial data such as installment payments or advance payments for courses/studies.

Another solution aimed to maintain the current system while gradually migrating and implementing a new environment for managing teachers in Education First. The process involved a typical recruitment process through teacher training, until work delegation with students. Additionally, the system aimed to enable case service management for teachers conducting online classes.

What’s more – we focused on a system managing recruitment and payments for higher education institutions and corporate training. It was integrated with four external systems.

Business Processes and Technology Summary during implementations


We used Java programming language for migrating an old application to Salesforce platform, and for the development of a module that tracks financial data for student receivables. We also used the Salesforce platform for system maintenance and gradual migration to a new environment, while integrating with four external systems for data flow. For education-based projects, we developed a recruitment process management system for teachers and a case management system for online classes, as well as a payment management system for higher education institutions and corporate training.

Salesforce services for Education


Goals Realized


These solutions had different objectives, but they all aimed to improve existing systems and processes.

  • Improved financial flows related to student fees and payments.
  • Created new system for managing teachers in Education First.
  • Enhanced recruitment and payments management (+50 000 documents generated monthly) integrated with four external systems to ensure seamless data flow.
  • Improved efficiency, accuracy, and user experience in different areas of education and training.


Need help with your Salesforce implementation or maintenance?

Genus One can help you tackle everything from strategy and implementation to providing ongoing support and maintenance. We’re here to supplement your team with what you need – no more, no less. Our goal is to deliver solutions that move your business forward.

If now is the right time for you to take on a Salesforce implementation project, book a consultancy call with us. Our team of IT professionals will assess your needs and help you decide the best way forward.

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