Project recovery and continuation

GenusOne’s project recovery methodology delivers a comprehensive solution for organizations struggling with troubled IT or business projects. Our team works with you to assess the business case and align the steering committee, while taking control of project objectives and ensuring a successful outcome.

Our expertise in managing complex projects and rigid methodology to recover from challenges such as poor scope definition, inadequate technology, lacking resources, and unformal issue management, results in an excellent project performance that meets the constraints of time, cost, scope, and quality, with a focus on delivering the benefits outlined in the business case.

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Proven Project Recovery Methodology

With GenusOne, organisations can rely on a proven project recovery methodology to address the complexities of a troubled project. This ensures the successful recovery and delivery of the project.

Business Case Reassessment

Before pursuing recovery efforts, GenusOne first evaluates the business case to ensure its viability. This approach prioritizes the long-term success of the project and helps align stakeholders towards a common goal.

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Comprehensive Approach

We provide a comprehensive solution for troubled project recovery, taking control of the business requirements and project objectives to ensure their success. This includes addressing common issues such as poor scope definition, inadequate resources, and poor issue management.

Focus on Overall Performance

GenusOne focuses on the overall performance of the project benefits and makes all necessary efforts to lead it to successful closure. This includes taking into consideration the benefits of the project as defined in the business case, and not just meeting the constraints of time, cost, scope, and quality.

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Main Benefits

You will get back on track and meet your project objectives with the help of a team of experts and a proven methodology. We prioritises efforts to make sure the business case is still sound before pursuing project objectives and recovery, giving you peace of mind during a challenging situation.

We take responsibility of overall project’s business and technical performance and strive to deliver successful closure for clients will turn your troubled project into a success story.

Improved project performance and successful completion

With the expertise and experience of our recovery team, the chances of successfully completing the project and meeting the objectives are increased.

Increased cost savings

Engaging external experts can result in cost savings compared to hiring and training in-house staff, and can help avoid common pitfalls that lead to project failure, reducing the overall cost of the project.

Aligned business objectives

Hiring experts can ensure that the steering committee is aligned with the current situation and project objectives, leading to better decision making and overall project success.

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