A Salesforce project recovery plan for better sales team efficiency 


No matter how much planning you have put into a project, unexpected obstacles can and will probably happen along the way. How you deal with these is often what determines your project’s success. This is where having a good project recovery plan comes in. The project recovery plan is a road map by which the project’s manager will steer a project back on track.

Recovering an IT or business project that is troubled is a difficult situation for any organization. At Genus One, we have helped many customers with their Salesforce project recovery and would like to share one interesting case with you today. 

This story is told by our innovation architect, Marcin Tabedzki.

Getting to know the customer

Our customer founded their company in 1942. It’s a company that provides its customers  expertise in chemistry, formulation and knowledge of construction materials. The company is leveraging global presence and 70+ years of experience.

Our customer deployed a Salesforce system for their Sales team of 20 users. Since implementing their system, the Sales team did not use it and they found that the implemented system was not fulfilling their business requirements. Additionally, the system was designed in a classic interface which reduced the user experience and sales team efficiency.

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Getting to know the problem

When I started the cooperation with management I realized that first what we needed to do was to make a pleasant atmosphere about consecutive attempts to fix the “CRM situation” and to understand technical and functional gaps in the current system’s configuration. We were running on the ground with a select group of sales users to understand why there was a low adoption rate. Some sales people were very unhappy about their job, citing the new app as the direct reason for that.

Getting things back on track: A 6-week project recovery strategy 

To recover the situation I proposed a 6-week recovery strategy with a roadmap to improve the most stressful features. These included:

  • System navigation
  • Lightning interface
  • Calendar integration
  • Sales process
  • Task management
  • 360 degree view of the customer
  • Data quality
  • Mobile
  • Day-to-day reporting

During the project development, we executed a change management process and training for the champions. After we completed user acceptance testing (UAT), we run training for the full team, establishing an internal go-to network of internal champions as support for daily activities with the system. To maintain the positive effect after the project, we designed tailored system documentation and manuals for our customer.

Road Construction

The 5 steps Genus One took to support their customer in their project recovery


  1. We changed the “technical system” into an everyday sales person augmentation tool.
  2. Redefined and automated sales workflows what improved team communication on various sales stages among the members.
  3. Improved system adoption, user satisfaction and ROI from Salesforce.
  4. Gave to management the tool to manage the sales team.
  5. Created a reporting framework for operations and management.

Work with Genus One project recovery consultants

At Genus One, we use our intimate knowledge and Salesforce expertise to quickly find the best solution for our customer’s. We help clients design targeted solutions for enterprise disaster recovery, business program and transformation recovery, and other business-critical projects.

We work tirelessly to get the desired results, and we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction. 

It’s not uncommon for complex projects to run into problems. If you think your project is falling short in its planning, execution, or implementation, book a consultancy call with our experts and we’ll assess how our project recovery services can help you.

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