SentiTalk use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to analyze text data from customer interactions, such as emails, chat logs, and call transcripts, and provide insights into customer sentiment and behaviors.

AI System gears

Analyze leads sentiment

Analyzing the sentiment of customer statements provides insights into customer attitudes and behaviors, which helps sales reps tailor their communication and sales approaches to better meet the needs and expectations of their customers. 

Check what you know and what your customers say

By measuring most common queries on the sales conversations you will know the exact needs of your customers and measure their satisfaction level after your sales team offers.

System Integrations
Data connections

Big team, one brain

By combining all sales conversations data, you are able to conclude what is the current market need and how’s your sales team performing versus that.


Improved communication

Tailor Sales communication to better meet the needs and expectations of the customers.


Identify most common mistakes during the Sales communication using machine learning.


Analyze concerns and objections about your products and services.


Report on Sales Efficiency using KPIs you’ve set vs sentiment of your Sales Team voice.

A/B testing

Challenge different Sales techniques with advanced SentiTalk Analytics.

Opportunities identification

Identify opportunities to upsell or cross-sell related products or services.